lauantai 30. heinäkuuta 2022

Harju 2019 stage ready

 Finally! After three years of hard work Harju Team proudly presents Richard Burns Rally stage Harju 2019!

Stage is available in rallysimfans


Daytimes & Weathers

Stage has Noon & Evening skyboxes. Irl Harju 2019 was driven Thursday at 19:00 and Friday at 20:00. Noon replicates Harju 1, so noon starts at 19. Evening is second pass of Harju, at 20:00 (8pm). Since Evening is second run, track is more worn, ruts are deeper and there are more skidmarks on asphalt sections. All weather variations (dry/damp/wet) are available.

 Noon, Clear Crisp:

 Evening, Heavycloud, NoRain:

 Evening, Heavycloud, Heavy Rain:

Have fun, enjoy and try to keep distance to those trees. ;)

Huge thanks to my co-workers Joona & Aleksi! And many many other people, who helped with the project.


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